Simple Pricing

You pay a monthly fee to have your Gini do your chores and errands. The cost of the errands (e.g. the yogurt your Gini bought, the shirt cleaning bill and the postal charges for sending the gift) will be billed on a weekly basis - simply transparent and at no extra cost.

Your Subscription


1 weekly visit
1 personal Gini
Daily communication channel
Chores and errands completed

Your Orders


Transparent prices
No surcharges
Agreed limits
Everything delivered to your home

Comprehensive Service Offering


Are you tired of having to clean up after yourself and others?

The Ginius Way does it for you: making your bed and changing your sheets, disposing and recycling garbage, wiping clean surfaces, doing the washing up, filling and emptying the dishwasher, tidying up your home.

Grocery Shopping

Don't you sometimes wish someone else would keep an eye on your supplies and fill your fridge?

The Ginius Way helps you: proactively checking and replenishing supplies, doing the weekly grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, cleaning up the fridge and disposing of spoiled food.

We shop at Coop, Migros, Farmy and the pharmacy Zur Rose. We'd be happy to go to your favorite shop for you for a small additional fee.

Apartment Management

Has your dishwasher broken down and is it time to finally get it fixed?

The Ginius Way will take care of it for you: communicating and coordinating with the housing administration regarding all your housing concerns, as well as being present when specialists come by to do the repairs (on behalf of the administration or on your own account).

Dry-cleaning and Laundry Service

Do you have an important appointment, but your favorite blouse is dirty?

The Ginius Way will take care of it: bringing shirts, blouses etc. to the dry-cleaner's, picking them up again and placing them in the closet, as well as hanging up or folding your own washing - whatever it is that helps you the most.

We work with local businesses who meet our high standards.

Postal Service

Annoyed by the (yellow) pick up notices and the opening hours of the post office?

The Ginius Way will become your private post office: packing parcels and sending off letters, accepting parcels via the The Ginius Way address and delivering them to your home.

Should you still receive a pick up notice, we will be glad to pick up the parcel at the post office for you. A small additional fee will be charged for this.

Repair Service

You don't have time to find the right repair service and to go there during their opening hours?

The Ginius Way will do it for you: organizing and coordinating repair services, e.g. bicycle, watch, ski, IT or kitchen equipment, as well as bringing and picking up items after repair.

Apartment Cleaning

Always a guilty conscience because you should finally clean thoroughly again?

The Ginius Way takes care of that for you: organizing, instructing and controlling cleaning help, regularly or on call.

Individual Wishes

Do you have any other personal requests that you would like to delegate?

No problem - your Gini is there for you: special purchases, errands, research clarifications and much more. Just tell your Gini and your Gini will be happy to help you.

Express Service

Would you like one of these services on a different day than your service day?

No problem - your Gini is flexible: picking up and bringing parcels, laundry, repair items or whatever else you need help with.

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Optional Add-Ons:

Apartment Cleaning

35 CHF/h

Individual Wishes

60 CHF/h (min. 1h a month)

Express Service

20 CHF/month for 2 assignments, guaranteed completion within 6 working hours

No costs until your Gini starts working for you

Can be cancelled at any time before the end of each month